Lord Robartes Regiment of Foote

An English Civil War re-enactment group, part of The Sealed Knot

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See behind the members line in this video to experience the friends, fun and family life from being part of
The Sealed Knot and Lord Robartes Regiment of Foote

It is October 1642. The 500 men of Lord Robartes Regiment, part of the newly formed Parliamentary Army, stand firm in the face of the advancing Royalist troops at the Battle of Edgehill, the first major engagement of the English Civil War.

This day is the culmination of religious, social, economic and political tensions that have torn the country in two, setting brother against brother and leading the country into some 18 years of civil war and resulting in the death of a king and the setting up of a republic.

For Lord John Robartes, a Cornish Member of Parliament, and his regiment Edgehill marks the start of a journey that would see them fight in many major engagements across the country until being absorbed into Parliament’s New Model Army under Oliver Cromwell on its formation in 1644.

Nearly 370 years later and the re-enactors of Lord Robartes Regiment (part the Army of Parliament in the Sealed Knot) seek to recreate a key period in our history that shaped many of the freedoms we enjoy today.

We want to help inform, educate and yes, entertain too.

Come and experience the sights and sounds of the battlefield in full scale battles or skirmishes.

Add something special to your event or venue with a drill display showing the different arms and/or our impressive ‘living history’ gives a fantastic insight into every day life in the 17th century, or bring history to life in the classroom.

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Our Regiment

We are a friendly, family orientated regiment with people from all walks of life coming together to enjoy re-enacting a period in history we all feel passionate about

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See our calendar of our Regimental and Sealed Knot events over the year. These take place across the country and in some fascinating places, from traditional villages to original battlefield sites and historic venues

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Join Us

Our Regiment has people from 6 to over 60. Single guys and girls; married couples; families and people in their retirement. Just as they would have done in the day our ranks are filled with people from all walks of life

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People of all ages love history. They love the spectacle. They love to hear about their nations’s history, They love to get hands on

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